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A lot of talented young lacrosse players have participated in the Gamber Lacrosse program.  Here is a list of players who continued or plan to continue their lacrosse careers in college.  

Women's Lacrosse

High School CLASS of 2015

Courtney Battles - Duquesne University

Taylor Carhart - Mount St. Mary's University

Tori McDonald - Loyola University

Erin McGuire - Jacksonville University

Kaci McNeave - Ursinus College

High School CLASS of 2016

Molly Blake - Liberty University

Devin Hursey - York College

High School CLASS of 2017

Lauren Bredenburg - West Point

Rayna Deltuva - Towson University

Samantha Fiedler - Loyola University

Grace Griffin - University of Maryland

Logan Hagerty - Mount St. Mary's University

Sydney Hartman - Catholic University

Ali Johnston - George Mason University

Marina Lazarides - United States Naval Academy

Sydney McDonald - Robert Morris University

High School CLASS of 2018

Celly Arthur - Jacksonville University

Lauren Cremen - Coastal Carolina University

Tayler Warehime - University of North Carolina


Men's Lacrosse

High School CLASS of 2013 - WHS

Ryan Drenner - Towson University from 2013-2017. Was drafted to the MLL as the 28th overall selection in the 2017 draft and now (2020) plays in the PLL for the Waterdogs Lacrosse Club.   Ryan played with Gamber as a 5 year old and continued through 8th grade. Some of his coaches were Jim Peters, Jeff McDonough, and his father Dennis.


 High School CLASS of 2014

Kyle Fiedler - McDaniel College

Aaron Heinle - Roanoke College

Ben Higgins - Limestone College

Hunter Pearl - Penn State University

Additional High School CLASSES:

Billy Arnold - Air Force Academy

Matt Duke - Roanoke College

Jason Holman - Towson University

Matt Keating - McDaniel College

Josh Larimore - St. Mary's College

Billy Lennon - Naval Academy

Bobby Lennon - Naval Academy

Clipper Lennon - Naval Academy

Joe Lennon - Naval Academy

Matt Prim - Harvard University

Brian Roche - Limestone College

Curtis Schaeffer - McDaniel College

Ben Yingling - McDaniel College

Kyle Zentz - Limestone College


*Are you a Gamber Lacrosse alumnus who continued playing in college?  Please email us so we can add your name and college to our ALUMNI page!

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