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A lot of talented young lacrosse players have participated in the Gamber Lacrosse program.  Here is a list of players who continued or plan to continue their lacrosse careers in college.  

Women's Lacrosse

High School CLASS of 2015

Courtney Battles - Duquesne University

Taylor Carhart - Mount St. Mary's University

Tori McDonald - Loyola University

Erin McGuire - Jacksonville University

Kaci McNeave - Ursinus College

High School CLASS of 2016

Molly Blake - Liberty University

Devin Hursey - York College

High School CLASS of 2017

Lauren Bredenburg - West Point

Rayna Deltuva - Towson University

Samantha Fiedler - Loyola University

Grace Griffin - University of Maryland

Logan Hagerty - Mount St. Mary's University

Sydney Hartman - Catholic University

Ali Johnston - George Mason University

Marina Lazarides - United States Naval Academy

Sydney McDonald - Robert Morris University

High School CLASS of 2018

Celly Arthur - Jacksonville University

Lauren Cremen - Coastal Carolina University

Tayler Warehime - University of North Carolina


Men's Lacrosse

High School CLASS of 2014

Kyle Fiedler - McDaniel College

Aaron Heinle - Roanoke College

Ben Higgins - Limestone College

Hunter Pearl - Penn State University

Additional High School CLASSES:

Billy Arnold - Air Force Academy

Matt Duke - Roanoke College

Jason Holman - Towson University

Matt Keating - McDaniel College

Josh Larimore - St. Mary's College

Billy Lennon - Naval Academy

Bobby Lennon - Naval Academy

Clipper Lennon - Naval Academy

Joe Lennon - Naval Academy

Matt Prim - Harvard University

Brian Roche - Limestone College

Curtis Schaeffer - McDaniel College

Ben Yingling - McDaniel College

Kyle Zentz - Limestone College


*Are you a Gamber Lacrosse alumnus who continued playing in college?  Please email us so we can add your name and college to our ALUMNI page!

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